Reborn FAQs

Are you new to the reborn world and thinking about getting your first custom, if so this is the place for you.  Let me help you with deciding what type of reborn you might want.

CAUTION: Reborns are collectible works of art and OOAK (one-of-a-kind) handcrafted by artists, not manufactured. Please be diligent in your quest for your reborn as there are many scam sites popping up daily. Do your research before purchasing. 

Now let’s have fun♥

Full Limbs, 3/4 Limbs, and mixed limbs.

Full limbs allow for more clothing options, but 3/4 limbs and mixed limbs are a little more poseable. Not by much though.
Each kit has a cloth body which is what is used to attach the limbs. Some kits have what are called cuddle bodies. They are extra poseable, as only the head is vinyl. I will show an example of this towards the bottom.
Kits can also be adorned with detachable belly plates. Some kits have full torsos or half torsos. These kits are not as soft, nor as poseable.
 3/4 LIMBS
This kit has a detachable belly plate with a cloth body inside.
This kit is a cuddle body where only the head is vinyl. This link will take you to my nursery Facebook Album Page with the picture. Cuddle Body
This kit has a half torso with cloth body inside. This link will take you to my nursery Facebook Album Page with the picture. Half torso

This kit has a full (anatomically correct) torso with cloth body inside. This link will take you to my nursery with the picture. Anatomically correct torso  

Reborn hair can be rooted, painted, or both. You can add a wig or leave them without hair. The choice is truly up to you. 
Mohair or human hair can be used. 
Most times human hair is only used on bigger babies or toddler kits, but it still is your preference.
The following links will take you to my Nursery Website or to my Facebook Nursery Album.
This baby’s hair was rooted with curly mohair with tight curls. Little Lane’s curls
This baby’s hair was rooted with wavy mohair that produced loose curls. Darling Dominic’s Curls
This baby has rooted hair that was custom ordered to produce the curls you see here. Juicy Joseph’s locs
This baby’s hair was painted & rooted with wavy mohair that produced the light waves. Cutie Caleb’s Baby Hair
This baby has hair that was rooted with alpalca, and it generally produces straight hair. Tiny Tyler’s mohawk
This baby’s hair was painted.  Teensy Taite’s Baby Hair
This baby’s hair was done in a technique called sponge painting. Feisty Fei Yen’s Curly Qs
Last but not least, is this little baldy. Lucky Li’s Cute head

Eye color and availability depend upon the kit and the size of eyes it takes. Eye options are glass, acrylic, and resin. (Resin eyes are beautiful, but some do yellow with age.) The pictures shown below are not my own. They belong to the respective manufacturer and artist.





This Resin eye link will take you away from page to a renown resin eye artist’s page.

Now that you’ve learned about the different types of kits, I’m happy to introduce you to some of the wonderful kit suppliers within North America.

 Their websites are user-friendly and from there you can find kits of all different sizes: Micro-Preemies, Preemies, Newborns, Large Newborns and Toddlers. 

If you have any additional questions, sometimes it can get overwhelming; don’t hesitate to reach out and I can give you a helping hand.

Links will take you away from my website

Bountiful Baby

Macpherson Arts & Crafts



Dolls so real

Dolls by Sandie

Have you been a victim of reborn scams?

I am truly sorry if this has happened to you. The USA.GOV site has some helpful information that may be of some assistance to you. Good Luck!

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