Little & Loved

This little girl found a happy home with two sweet girls.
New mom photo of Baby Greyson
Happy Baby Happy Mom
-New Mom Photo of Fei Yen Baby Boy- He is here! I love him!!! You did a great job 🙂 thank you so much 🙂 blessings Christine Martin
New mom photo of Portrait Baby "Rosie"
.............Heading Home Photoshoot............... New Mom: J. Posey
Thank you so much! She is wonderful and beautiful!! She has my grand daughter trying to hold her an feed her! Her hair is amazing and I really like the kangaroo beanie that came with her that is so cute! She smells so good! And she is beautiful!!! Thank you sooooo much!! mommie2manygranny2_2
New Mom Photo of Baby Lane
------Heading Home Photoshoot------ Little Ross now resides in Tampa, Fl.
This little one found a loving home with a family member.
Click on this precious baby to see what kind things her new mommy had to say! *Link takes you to Instagram Testimonial
Her new mommy had the nicest thing to say about her new arrival. Wanna know more. Click on this baby girl to find out! *Links to Instagram Testimonial
Christmas Photoshoot before this handful headed home to Milwaukee, WI
New Mom photo of baby "Jaycob"
Li Lopes Reborn
He is the Li kit by Priscilla Lopes. Click on this cutie to see what his mommy had to say upon meeting him for the 1st time. *Links to Instagram Testimonial

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