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I’m Donna, the artist behind Kuddly! Uber-crafty WAHM, homeschooler, and Army veteran, I have been collecting baby dolls since I was in diapers–literally. Cabbage Patch Kids have my heart forever!

After learning about Reborn babies a couple years ago, I knew I had to have one of my own. I imagined being able to snuggle little baby dolls who looked just like my now grown children. Totally irresistible!

So I painted one to look like one of my daughters and the rest is history. I’ve fallen in love with making these sweet things and with the whole community surrounding them 😊. Now it’s #BabiesEverywhere all the time.


You'll submit your custom order and a deposit to secure your Reborn and reserve your spot on my calendar.


We'll go over your custom order and the specifics of how your Reborn doll will look and baby's wardrobe theme.


I custom blend my paints to make realistic skin tones and birthmarks that add a unique touch.


Nothing but natural hair over here for a perfectly soft, touchable head. You prefer baldies? We can do that too.


I select baby's 1st wardrobe based on a questionnaire you complete at the beginning of the project.

Special Delivery

After your final payment is complete, I carefully bundle your Reborn and layette to send your way.

"I loved him, thank you very much. You're an amazing artist!"

A Reborn baby is a vinyl or silicone doll that’s been handpainted and given real hair, among other things, to look incredibly realistic. Some are anatomically correct, some have bellybuttons, others have cloth bodies…it’s up to you!

Reborns are often used on movie sets and TV shows because they look so real, but are also hugely popular as collectibles for those of us who love babies and love dolls.

Yep! I weight your baby according to her or his age for a perfectly kuddly, realistic baby doll.

Reborn dolls depend on the type and size of the sculpt (preterm, newborn, or big baby), the fullness of hair, level of detailing, and the amount of time spent to complete. See our Prices and Policies page for more info.

Reborns are collectible art pieces intended to be loved and cared for by adults. They are not mass produced overseas, but have been handcrafted over several weeks to your specification.

The cost of materials, customization, time spent, and the value of cradling a doll that resembles a real infant all contribute to your investment.

I make PlayKuddly dolls for younger children who are less likely to treat their dolls like collectibles. These are up to $250 and includes baby’s 1st layette–the welcome home wardrobe. Contact me for more info.

Yes, I offer payment plans with a required contract before any payment is made. The final payment is due and has to clear before your Reborn is shipped.

Children are all so unique, just like our Reborn babies! I lovingly craft each Little One by hand, so no two would look exactly the same (unless you’ve requested twins and I’m completing them simultaneously with the same paint palette).

We can discuss a similar-looking but one-of-a-kind doll at your consultation.


OOAK, Handpainted Reborn Dolls

Muslin Swaddles

ESSENTIALS for your Little One

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