Rainbow Baby Collection ~ Baby Taite

“Taite” by Denise Pratt

2 lbs 12oz

He has has been lovingly created from the discontinued Taite kit by Denise Pratt, and is very special to my heart as he is the first completed baby from my Rainbow Baby Collection.

The Rainbow Baby Collection is a combination of inspiration and dedication. I created it as a tribute to my bonus family who struggled with fertility. Their very own rainbow after the storm is the reason behind my nursery name. 10% of the adoption fee for a baby in this collection will be donated to the March of Dimes.

His skin tone was created with carefully applied layers of Genesis heat set paints with shading, lifelike veining, and sealed many times with a varnish combination that protects and gives a realistic skin texture.

His hair and eyelashes have been carefully rooted with alpalca hair. It was styled to give him a carefree mohawk in the front and natural preemie thinning in certain areas near the back.

His eyes are puffy from crying and extreme care has been taken with his mouth to give him a milk drunk expression with residual milk left around his mouth. He has a strong earth magnet applied which lets him take a magnetic pacifier.

***caution should be used when holding him around electronics or persons with pacemakers***

He will come home with the following items:

Grey & White Carter’s ‘To the Moon and Back’ 3pc outfit

Exclusive Rainbow Collection crochet hat & bootie set


Birth Certificate and Care Instructions

All “Kuddly Kangaroo” babies go home lovingly packaged, with extra goodies!

My nursery is a smoke free environment and your baby will be carefully wrapped and packaged to help ensure a safe journey to you.

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