Reborn Care Sheet

Thank you for choosing me as your reborn artist. I hope that by using this reborn care sheet your new baby brings years of enjoyment to you.

Baby’s hair if rooted is sealed, but it should not be brushed regularly and care must be taken when adding hats, headbands, and other hair accessories. Your baby’s hair can be styled with a mixture of  (20% leave-in conditioner & 80% water). Never put the head under a faucet or get it dripping wet. Water can enter the fabric body resulting in mold formation.

Baby’s skin is painted, sealed, and baked with multiple layers of protective varnish. Keep away from extreme temperatures which can cause the vinyl to warp or crack. Fabric & vinyl can be gently spot cleaned with a damp cloth & mild soap. Contact with oils/powder of any kind may make your baby shiny and remove paint. It is very important to wash any new items before use, as dyes can transfer to the vinyl. Dark clothing left on for an extended time can transfer also.   Zit cream such as OXY10 can be used to remove dye stains on vinyl. Youtube has great resources on how to do this.

Baby’s body is weighted with poly-fil & tiny glass beads enclosed in a pouch. Handle as gently as you would a real newborn to prevent damage. Support the head and shoulders when you pick baby up. Move arms & legs gently at the joints when you pose/change clothes, and move head gently from sided to side. Strong earth magnets are used for magnetic bows on babies with painted/combi hair and also are placed behind the mouth for a magnetic pacifier. Earth magnets can interfere with pacemakers. Glass beads & Magnets are hazardous to children, and Kuddly Kangaroo cannot be held liable for any reborn art doll that is given to a child. Please feel free to print these reborn care instructions for your future use.

It is of utmost importance to me that you are happy with your baby, as their creation was a labor of love. I absolutely love seeing pictures and videos of your little ones–feel free to tag/share with me at any of my social links below. 

If you have any question or concerns, please contact me at


Donna Mimbs-Martin


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