If you’ve just stumbled upon these ultra-realistic cuties, you may be a bit in awe, and have a few questions. Let me try to clear some things up.

So what are reborn dolls anyway?

A Reborn baby is a vinyl or silicone doll that’s been handpainted and given real hair, among other things, to look incredibly realistic. Some are anatomically correct, some have bellybuttons, others have cloth bodies…it’s up to you! Reborns are often used on movie sets and TV shows because they look so real, but they are also hugely popular as collectibles for those of us who love babies and love dolls.

You’ll probably need a bigger budget.

Reborns are very special, and so much time and care go into crafting a single doll. Since the value of a doll is quite high, your investment in most cases would be as well. While the average price ranges between $300 and $600, it’s not at all uncommon to see them go for $1000s on eBay and Etsy.

Ultimately, they are collectibles.

And like any collector’s item, there are low and high-end pieces on the market depending on whether it’s aimed at children or adult collectors.
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